Monday, June 18, 2012

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated

No, I'm not dead. Just lazy.

Well, lazy when it has come to blogging for the last 6 months. A lot has been going on, though, so let's work on getting caught up, shall we?

The once-broken foot is mended. I lost the toenail...a totally strange experience, btw, but it's growing back. Yay!

There has been absolutely no change in the Holmes magazine saga. Despite several attempts at recovering my partial subscription fee, I've received no word from either the publisher or the publishing house. Irritating for sure, but fortunately it was less than $10, so I'm not too put out. But you better believe that I will never subscribe to a Holmes Publishing Group publication again. Never ever ever.

I met my blogging idol. See? There she is, Jenny Lawson, on the left. And that's me on the right. And in the background is her security detail. 'Cuz we blog fans can get a little scary sometimes.

If you're looking for a laugh-out-loud funny book, read hers. I'm not usually one to literally laugh out loud when reading, but with Jenny's book, I just couldn't help it. DBF kept looking at me like I'd lost my happy mind until I'd read passages to him. Then he, too, was literally laughing out loud.

And speaking of DBF, we're now engaged. And us being us, the proposal was full of smart-assery and stolen one-liners from TV. 

Leela: I wish this moment could last forever.
Fry: Leela my love, will you marry….
Alien: Bernella my love, will you marry me?
Bernella: Blorg! Blorg! A thousand times blorg!
When we watched the "Reincarnation" episode of Futurama months before the proposal, I asked DBF if he'd lose his mind if, should he choose to propose, I responded with "Blorg! Blorg! A thousand times blorg!' We laughed about it, but that's really what happened.

And for us, it was perfect.

As it turns out, once you're engaged, wedding planning sort of takes over your life. Neither one of us really wanted anything big or fancy. I figured we'd head to the courthouse and then have a small gathering of family and friends to celebrate.

So the great home improvement project has been replaced by my biggest challenge ever:

How to plan a wedding in 145 days without losing your mind and with minimal bloodshed.

Wish us luck.