Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There's more to life than just power tools.

For weeks before and after settlement, I scoured the Internet for a list of tools every homeowner must have. I couldn't find it, and I'm pretty good at finding things on the 'net. Without that list, I felt unprepared.

I don't like being unprepared. This is something for which I both blame and credit my father—a real-life version of Hank Hill, who, to quote Wikipedia "will always advocate doing the right thing in the right way."

So, without list in hand, I went to my local MegaHardware Store and bought a bunch of tools that I a) was convinced I needed and b) thought were pretty bad-ass.

Behold! The DeWalt 18 volt cordless XRP Li-Ion 4-tool combo kit with the following:
  1. Reciprocating saw
  2. Circular saw
  3. Hammerdrill
(The 4th piece is a floodlight, which, while nice to have, wasn't a motivating factor in the purchase.)
    Admittedly, I have a serious weakness for power tools. That weakness, combined with spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on something I'll spend the next three decades paying for, made the thought of spending a few hundred dollars on a set of power tools seem completely and totally reasonable.

    It wasn't.

    Anxious to share the joy that was my newly-acquired power tools, I called Dear Ol' Dad. After spewing the specs and eagerly awaiting the tool envy that I naïvely thought would be directed my way, Dad's steady voice asked, "Did you get any hand tools?"

    Hand tools? Really? Do I need hand tools if I have a bitchin' set of power tools?

    Yep. Sure do.

    Fortunately my birthday was coming up, so for my birthday that year, I received some of the most useful hand tools I could have wished into existence.
    1. Hand saw
    2. Hacksaw
    3. Level
    4. Square
    5. Vise grips
    6. Channel lock pliers
    As it turns out, I didn't actually need to scour the 'net for that list of tools...I just needed to ask Dad.

    And now, after a year in the house, I've compiled my own list.

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