Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wait for it...

It's been too long since my last post, I know. But here I am again, on Star Wars Day, sharing how the Force is with us.

Many moons ago, DH (oh yeah, we're hitched now!) gutted the utility room. As part of the re-do, we decided to paint the floor. After the stripping step, the project went exactly nowhere.

Until yesterday.

Is that...progress???
 Yesterday I masked the wall. That, my friends is progress.

Funny thing about masking the bottom of the wall, though, it's not super-easy. I could have, of course, bought that masking paper that's a combo of tape and paper, but eons ago when I bought the supplies, I figured I'd save myself a few bucks and just the plain ol' paper. We already had boatloads of tape, so it'll be a cinch to just tape it up—or so I thought.

Oodles and oodles of wasted paper.
This is what happened when I tried to just hold up the paper and tape it just high enough off the floor that the tape would hold it in place.

I failed.

That might not look like much all bunched up, but that's about 15' of paper and probably 20' of tape.

Sitting on the steps with camera in hand—because what kind of DIY'er would I be if I didn't document my failures along with my successes—my mind wandered to FrogTape.

As you may remember, I love the FrogTape and I believe it makes any painting project so much easier. But I knew that it wouldn't solve the problem of taping up the masking paper...or would it?

FrogTape to the rescue!!!
FrogTape comes in a sturdy plastic container slightly larger than the tape itself. And guess what. The tape widths I had were both narrower than the tape I was using to secure the masking paper.
So in a stroke of genius—or so I like to tell myself—I put the roll of masking paper on the FrogTape container and slowly unrolled it against the wall, taping as I went.

It took hours, literally, because there are a whole lot of corners and bends in that tiny little room, but I got it done. Go me.

And this morning, with the aid of the Force, DH and I put the first coat of paint on that floor. It's a multi-part system so we still have 2 more steps to go, but if we don't get it done in 48 hours, we'll have to start again from scratch.

I refuse to start again from scratch.

So, my friends, enjoy May the Fourth, and may your day be unaffected by the Dark Side.

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